Alumni Contact Expenses

Date Item Cost Income Total Cost Total Income Donor
02/18/2002       $ .00   JW
03/05/2002 Copying expenses for WSU photos $ 30.00   30.00   JW
03/10/2002 Postage 8.40    38.40   JW
03/15/2002 Postage 2.10   40.50   JW
04/01/2002 Postage 4.20   44.70   JW
04/09/2002 Printing - 500 cards 57.35   102.05   JW
04/10/2002 Labels 7.57   109.62   JW
04/10/2002 Postage 42.00   151.62   JW
04/11/2002 Postage 25.20   176.82   JW
04/15/2002 Postage 4.20   181.02   JW
05/07/2002 Postage 4.20   185.22   JW
05/10/2002 Library - microfilm from Seattle Times 7.70   192.92   JW
05/14/2002 Postage 7.60   200.52   JW
05/23/2002 Printing - 500 cards 53.75   254.27   JW
06/05/2002 Postage 21.00   275.27   JW
06/12/2002 Postage 21.00   296.27   JW
10/03/2002 Donation   (48.25) 248.02 48.25 Jay Farrell

Web space and long-distance expenses are not included. The web server is providing the space for free. The long-distance charges are covered by my brother.

The average cost for contacting each alumnus about 35. We have sent cards to the Arrowrock list and miscellaneous names obtained from Knights and records. The cards for the Tiger list (150) are labeled and waiting for postage which depletes my supply of cards. The list for Osage (622) will need more cards printed and then posted. That will mean $235.20 in additional expenses.

We are waiting on lists from Golden Plume, Scalper, Gold Y and Beno. Other schools may also provide lists at a later time. This could mean another $200-300 in expenses. Plus there are expenses by other alumni that I do not have in hand.

If you are willing to help defray these expenses, there are several ways to do so. You can send stamps (21 for postcards), send checks to Jim Williams, or use PayPal to transfer money. You can use the link below for PayPal. Anything given is for the sole use and purpose of locating and getting IK Alumni to join the alumni database.

If you choose to help financially, the Guild of Nobles will consider your contribution towards your dues for the GON. This will get you listed on the "Roll of Knighthood" membership roster for the year, and allow you to receive "The Shield" for that calendar year. The Guild will use its funds to pay the foundation and main office dues, as prescribed in the constitution, for your contribution.

If you have any questions please contact Jim Williams.

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